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Blogs About Happy Happy When Everything Isn’t…

This baby is one month old.

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While I was pregnant I read lots and lots of preggo blogs.  I had no idea what was happening to my body and LORD, people don’t tell you 80% of what pregnancy involves.  They wait until AFTER you are pregnant to start droppin’ bombs. No one told me I’d want to sleep 23 hours a day or that I would be horribly crabby if you dared to wake me up. No one told me about discharge or weird smells or what Braxton Hicks would feel like.

I would see comments about miscarriages or death of a baby and I would feel sad for those women.  Those women who weren’t as healthy as me. Those women who didn’t take care of themselves like I did. Those women who must have done something to not have a perfectly healthy baby. I believed that I was doing things the right way and when you do things the right way, the right outcome happens.

Then my son was born crazy premature and he died 30 days later.

I am one of THOSE women. Continue reading


Extending the Gift

After Atticus died, we were the grateful recipients of donations from many friends and family members. We also received donations from people we had never met.

That only happened because of blogging and the internet. Our loved ones shared the story of our son, Atticus, with their friends. Strangers clicked on his CarePages (which I’ve since moved over to this site) and read his story and they loved our little boy. Our son had letters from Australia, letters from parents of preemies, notes from his aunts and uncles, comments from other kids that had been born as preemies and turned out just fine. After he died, then the letters poured in from moms and dads that had lost their first children and had gone on to have more. Their bravery and written experience has held my heart through the breaks. Continue reading