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First Person Arts Performance Has Been Posted!

I was sick to my stomach when I walked into “Tell It!”, the First Person Arts class that I enrolled myself into 3 weeks after moving to Philadelphia.  The object of the class was to help frame live storytelling with word choice, dramatic arc, and to leave your listener reassessing some aspect of life they thought they believed.

Annnnnnnnnnnddddddd… you ‘ve got 5 minutes to accomplish it.  Continue reading


Pickling Rebirth

Radishes have no place in my life.

They make my mouth feel like its being punished with a time out at a hippy commune.  Sad cud chewing of spoiled earth and clogs. Continue reading

Blogs About Happy Happy When Everything Isn’t…

This baby is one month old.

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While I was pregnant I read lots and lots of preggo blogs.  I had no idea what was happening to my body and LORD, people don’t tell you 80% of what pregnancy involves.  They wait until AFTER you are pregnant to start droppin’ bombs. No one told me I’d want to sleep 23 hours a day or that I would be horribly crabby if you dared to wake me up. No one told me about discharge or weird smells or what Braxton Hicks would feel like.

I would see comments about miscarriages or death of a baby and I would feel sad for those women.  Those women who weren’t as healthy as me. Those women who didn’t take care of themselves like I did. Those women who must have done something to not have a perfectly healthy baby. I believed that I was doing things the right way and when you do things the right way, the right outcome happens.

Then my son was born crazy premature and he died 30 days later.

I am one of THOSE women. Continue reading

Less Rudeness, More Productivity

Simple. Quick. Actionable items that we all need to be wary of doing.

I know I have done things on this list and what a great day to quit doing them! Continue reading

Free Wheelin’ FRENZY!!



Mid Iowa Rollers - May 14th

The Mid Iowa Rollers are gearin’ up for a FREE WHEELIN’ FRENZY versus the Quad City Rollers this Saturday night at Hy-Vee Hall (730 3rd Street, Des Moines, IA). Tickets are $12 at the door – Bout starts at 7pm – Charity proceeds to benefit Bike MS Continue reading

Extending the Gift

After Atticus died, we were the grateful recipients of donations from many friends and family members. We also received donations from people we had never met.

That only happened because of blogging and the internet. Our loved ones shared the story of our son, Atticus, with their friends. Strangers clicked on his CarePages (which I’ve since moved over to this site) and read his story and they loved our little boy. Our son had letters from Australia, letters from parents of preemies, notes from his aunts and uncles, comments from other kids that had been born as preemies and turned out just fine. After he died, then the letters poured in from moms and dads that had lost their first children and had gone on to have more. Their bravery and written experience has held my heart through the breaks. Continue reading

Oh Twitter, I love you…

Yesterday, I had the fortune to attend 140 Characters – Des Moines, a day conference for meeting and discussing social media with like-minded people.

If you know me, you probably know that I used Twitter to make friends in Des Moines, IA.  I moved to the city in 2008 and for one year, I sat alone after work, watching television, went on dates from Craigslist and hung out with my parents. That was my life. I could not seem to find my people in this city. I’d catch glimpses of them at various concerts (attended alone, after I put my big girl pants on) or at coffee shops. But, when I tried to become friends with some interesting women, it was a big old fail.

Twitter is what saved me and Twitter is what helped me grow in this town. I went to a Tweetup and found interesting people. I followed them. They followed me. I got invited to events. I stalked people that posted provocative entries (you can do that on Twitter – and it’s welcomed *thanks @lyzl). Twitter lead me to my roller derby team and lead me to volunteer for Character Counts in Iowa.

So it’s no wonder that my interest has been piqued when it comes to Twitter and business. The idea that the power is with the customers these days and that businesses have to be engaging the whole person, not just their pocketbook is a fascinating new development.  A few points that caught my interest yesterday:

@MichaelLibbie (advertising and marketing)

  • ‘Social media takes work, imagination, perserverence and lots and lots of courage’
  • 95% of people don’t get social media.  How do I not fall into that 95%?
    • Discipline – What is your strategy? Do you want to meet people? Do you want to build relationships?
    • Blog regularly – budget your time, start a blog if you haven’t already (and if you haven’t, why not?! You don’t have  a voice if you don’t have a blog)
    • Broadcast original content

@davemurr (a marketing and digital communications strategist)

  • ‘The days of individual achievement are over, now it is about community achievement.’
  • Social media = an online representation of our offline behavior
  • Meet people on Twitter, learn their stories, shut off your computer/put down your handheld, share connections and stories with others in real life and… create amazing collaborative stuff that you wouldn’t have been able to do beforehand!

Dave Murr’s talk on community has re-spurred my thoughts on what to do the money that was donated in Atticus’ name. More on that tomorrow though…