Pickling Rebirth

Radishes have no place in my life.

They make my mouth feel like its being punished with a time out at a hippy commune.  Sad cud chewing of spoiled earth and clogs.

This is why I die for Marissa McClellan’s blog Food In Jars, she sweetly cajoles me into trying foods that have no business being in my kitchen, let alone conniving their way into my stomach.

I had no idea what to do with my radishes from my CSA delivery last week and thought that only Marissa’s magical recipes might possibly save the radishes from a slow death in the compost pile.  I plunged into her website and emerged with a link to her Serious Eats blog post for Quick Pickled Radishes.  They are SO, SO good!  The taste of Spring resprung with lots of pep in its step, simultaneously muting the part of the radish taste I’m not fond of.  No longer a root vegetable that makes me sneer.

I received MORE radishes tonight and I cannot wait for the quick pickle action!



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