Christmas Gifts to My Family…

This year, I made a little book of our photos of Atticus to give to our family… I wrote it as much like a children’s story as I could with the intent that we will share Atticus’ story with our future children.  The greatest fear of any parent, is that other will forget the lives of our little children. 

It’s been almost a year since Atticus was born… time certainly does have a way of marching forward.  We have moved across the country, Jared has started law school, I’ve started a new job and am training with the Philly Roller Girls Fresh Meat crew, we bought a friggin’ house… and with each day, our steps are unsettled. Every movement forward is without Atticus here and this first holiday season, his presence is missed like crazy.

I spoke to my friend the other day from Iowa and she let me know her little girls asked about our Atticus recently and she told me that she wanted to let me know that his presence was missed in her household also.  I know this is true in many households and this babylost mama is incredibly grateful for all of you, holding our little son in your hearts this holiday season.

Click here if you would like to see the book we made:


One response to “Christmas Gifts to My Family…

  1. Shana this book is beautiful! And Atticus will be in all our hearts forever!

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