We Done Moved (to Philly!!)

This girl has been busy. Like making lists for her lists so everything gets done.

And it’s been gettin’ done!

We officially moved! To Philadelphia! We love it here. As everyone knew, I’d desperately wanted to move back to the East Coast, but meeting the Mister threw my plans off track in the best way possible. I’m so appreciative of my time in Des Moines, Iowa. I met so many awesome ladies and gentlemen who reminded me the grace of meaningfully spent time.

Our tiny home:












We also made it over to Jim’s Steaks at 4th and South. Holy man. Holy!  Holy!  Holy! I never could have guessed how awesome cheese steaks were.  Don’t ever skip an opportunity to have a Philly Cheese Steak. They are a carnivores dream!

Jared had the “Whiz Wit” and I had “Whiz Wit’out”.


2 responses to “We Done Moved (to Philly!!)

  1. Is Jim’s Steaks the place we walked by that the line wrapped around the corner–all day!?

    • It was. I don’t know that you would have loved it, but the line makes complete sense now. We went during the week at 2 pm. The line was about a third as long. JB and I have cheese steak brain now.

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