Less Rudeness, More Productivity

Simple. Quick. Actionable items that we all need to be wary of doing.

I know I have done things on this list and what a great day to quit doing them!

Choose Civility by Eliminating “Rudeness”

I love the list that explains the cost to your company for participating in bad habits. We’re all responsible for eliminating waste and these are easy things to improve upon to help our businesses stay focused, creating more revenue and maintaining a healthy, happy work environment.

I can compare this to my current work place – JDF is lovely. An amazing corporate culture in which respect and camaraderie are evident to anyone who walks our halls. We work hard together, we laugh hard together… I feel like I am part of a well oiled machine. As a secretary, it could be easy for any of the higher pay grades to look down on my position, but it just doesn’t happen here.  My position is well-regarded and appreciated. 

I hear about companies where lower grades shouldn’t look or speak to the CEO without him/her speaking to you first.  I hear about employees getting screamed at and disrespected. I cannot imagine that work life. It definitely makes me wonder how much more could be accomplished if the climate of fear was destroyed and replaced with a climate of collaboration…

As an example, in March, President Obama requested that federal workers submit ideas on businesses improvement projects ahead of the reorg submission deadline. (video here) You can check out some of the 5,351 ideas here. Federal employees have often been (mis)perceived as disgruntled workers and certainly I’ve experienced behavior on the above list more than once in my adult life.  I’m looking forward to hearing which ideas get sifted through to actionable items and I imagine that those who have submitted ideas feel like they are offering valuable contributions to the way our government operates.

I love the idea of collaboration and the way it reduces vicious competition. The end goal is to put out a fantastic product and if we feel good creating it, doesn’t that mean we’re all willing to work harder the next go ’round to top our last performance?

(Blog Link from Sylvia Henderson’s “Sylvia’s Blog – Success language…show you’re as great as you say you are!”)


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