Extending the Gift

After Atticus died, we were the grateful recipients of donations from many friends and family members. We also received donations from people we had never met.

That only happened because of blogging and the internet. Our loved ones shared the story of our son, Atticus, with their friends. Strangers clicked on his CarePages (which I’ve since moved over to this site) and read his story and they loved our little boy. Our son had letters from Australia, letters from parents of preemies, notes from his aunts and uncles, comments from other kids that had been born as preemies and turned out just fine. After he died, then the letters poured in from moms and dads that had lost their first children and had gone on to have more. Their bravery and written experience has held my heart through the breaks.

We were excited to use the money to donate a chair to Blank Children’s Hospital – something to comfort the future parents that would live through tearful weeks and months at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As we have searched for chairs (I mistakenly assumed it would be easy to find a comfortable, modern chair on casters) a gloom has descended upon our operation. $4-5000 on a chair for them seems like a worthwhile investment, but it also seems like a waste of money.  That is roughly $4,900 more then any chair we have ever bought for ourselves.

I’ve been wondering how to put that money to work.  It seems like people have been able to do extrordinary things with less money… and are we selling the future parents short by buying one chair? How can we be smarter in the way we use this money so more help could be given? Is there a way to get this money to generate more money so that more people could be helped? If there is a way, how the heck do I discover how to do that? Hey internet! How the heck do I do more with donations and giving?

Or am I just in my own way? Can one be altruistic to a fault?


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