Working Out A Workout

Post pregnant bodies are nothing to get hot and bothered over. But with a move to Philly looming and awkward roller derby practices, I’ve put my nose to the grindstone.

Oh yes, this girl has been working out. For like, DAYS IN A ROW.

Today, calisthenics:

1/2 mile warm up jog at a nice slow pace
25 push-ups
10 walking lunges on each leg
10 speed skater jumps (each side)
10 squat jumps
1 plank for 30 sec.
50 regular crunches

2 x 30sec. Mountain climbers
2×15 tricep dips
2×15 side leg lifts (each side)
100 jump ropes ( if you don’t have one, just pretend)
2×15 calf raises
5 min. cool down

We’re in a contest at work to “Race Across America”.  It is based on how many minutes a week we work out. I’m bound and determined to make it all the way “across”.

I’ve been taking roller skating lessons from Dante one a week. It is amazing how much I don’t know. I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated his coaching.

The last couple of weeks I’ve missed Thursday practice, so it is hard to get back into the swing of roller derby with only one practice a week, but I have been skating during the week, so I haven’t been a totaly slug.


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