Atticus Bryce Burns

With quiet, humble hearts we report that our son’s colon was entirely dead and more than half of his small intestine had died. Jared and I had to make the decision to sew him back up and remove support when we were ready or try to save him and hope that he survives infancy until one day we might be able to get him a small intestine and liver transfer.

We asked for guidance and the suggestion was that prolonging his life was to prolong suffering. The likelihood that he would survive infancy was very low.

We opted to close him up and when we are ready, they will remove support. This is the most terrible decision we have ever had to make. We hope that it is the most loving choice we could have made. The last thing we want to do is prolong Atticus’ pain. He has fought valiantly every day and we are so, so proud of him. He’s done everything we’ve asked and more.

We’ll let everyone know funeral details as we arrange them.

We’re devastated by this news and are so grateful for each other, for our families. Thank you for your prayers and your support. You have all made this a bit more bearable.

With love,
Jared and Shana Burns


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