Atticus has been doing much, much better than Tuesday night, but he is still critically ill.

They tried to ween him off his Dopamine and Dobutamine (blood pressure meds/help get blood & oxygen to his kidneys), but he let the staff know that he wasn’t ready to be off of them quite yet. We’ve had a minor setback in urine output, but several hours after he was back on those meds and a couple more, his urine increased. Unfortunately, the only way to tell if he is ready to come off Dopamine and Dobutamine is to ween him off and see how he tolerates it.

We’re waiting for a renal and abdomen ultrasound today. Hopefully, we will start to learn the extent of damage or death of his bowels. He has more gas patterns in his weekend xrays, as well as more bowels sounds. He even has pooped a little bit… so things are starting to move. We’re hoping these are good signs that not too much has been severely damaged, but the hope needs confirmation.

With the inflamed and infected parts of his bowels, his platelet count continues to be low. He received transfusions pretty much every day. A sign that infection is still in his bowels. With his low platelets, his IV lines have been leaking and/or failing. The other day, it took 3 tries before they got a new one in his leg. Last night, his leg IV failed and it took them 4 tries before they got a new line into his head. Poor, sweet baby. His veins are just so small, it is very difficult to get the IV in and have it in well. I do not envy the staff this very difficult job.

In good news, his eye patches have been off the last couple of days. He’s had points that he is awake and looking around. His little eyes remind me of chameleon’s eyes. Atticus has little control over them, so sometimes his eyes move independently of one another. It’s kind of cute…

The intense liquid retention that he had last week has diminished substantially. Instead of looking like the Marshmallow Man, he looks more like a mini Buddha. Skinny arms and legs, skinny torso, huge belly. It too has receded in size, but he has more liquids to get back into his blood stream and urinate out. Crossing our fingers that he’ll be smaller the next time we see him.

Also last night, his Potassium spiked to near dangerous levels again. We found out that anything that is a 7 and higher is pretty alarming and Atticus was up to 6.9. By the time we left and he was urinating again, he was down to the low 5’s. WHEW!

This is all such an emotional roller coaster. Jared pointed out that Tuesday night, we were so devastated by how ill our Atticus was. Then Thursday, we were euphoric that he’d turned himself around so dramatically. Since then, we have been in a vacuum, waiting to find out the next bit of information. It is much easier to exist at this point when SOMETHING is happening and we don’t really know what to do with ourselves between those something’s happening. We’ve gotten out of the hospital a bit more, slept in our own bed, but the waiting is stressful. We’re just filling our time with nothing, waiting for more information.



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