2.14.11 PM

We walked into the hospital this afternoon and were immediately escorted into a consultation with our current neonatologist. Atticus is having surgery at 7am Tuesday morning. He had an xray and an ultrasound of his kidneys and abdomen. They discovered what they believe to be an abscess around his bowels.

The hope is that his bowels are still living and they will drain the abscess and that will be the end of things. If that isn’t the case, they will remove the dead bowels and will give him an colostomy or ileostomy for about a month. Then they will go back in and rejoin his bowels. We will also get an idea if he has lost so much of his bowels that he will suffer from Short Bowel Syndrome.

We should have an idea post-surgery by about 10am.

Please, please keep our little boy in your prayers. We knew surgery was imminent, but no one expected the need for it to roll around today.

This is a high risk surgery for him, but they have assured us their very best work.

-Shana & Jared


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