Atticus is still in a much more stable condition than previously in the week. Today the doctors took him off of the oscillator and put him back onto the conventional respirator. His oxygen concentration dependence had to go up a bit with the switch, but it has still been in the mid 30’s in terms of % for most of the day. The oscillator is great for his oxygenation and lungs, but is a bit rougher on his heart as it forces his lungs to be constantly pressurized and expanded, which eventually encroaches on the space the heart would normally have to fully expand and contract.

His urine output has decreased a bit, which is actually a good thing as his kidneys start to repair themselves. This means that he’s not just flushing everything through his system, and that hopefully his kidneys will again begin to filter out waste and keep the good stuff. His x-ray today showed that both of his lungs are again fully inflated, as parts of his right lung had collapsed with the saturation of all the excess fluid he was retaining. Speaking of fluid retention, he has begun to get rid of some of the excess fluid, and is beginning to look like his normal self again. He still is very much swollen in his belly and partly in his chin area, but he no longer looks like a miniature version of Brian Urlacher.

With all that has happened this week, we felt like it was a good idea to snap some photos of the devilishly handsome little fella. His mom says he gets his looks from his dad. His dad is inclined to agree. So enjoy the new pics as we come to the end of an eventful week and start the weekend.

-Shana & Jared


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