2.10.11 PM

Just a very quick note. Atticus is relatively the same tonight as he was this morning and has been throughout the day. Not too much new to report on. One good note to touch on, his oxygen concentration has continued to be weened throughout the day and is currently sitting at 28%. You and I breathe 21% oxygen. And although he is still relying on the oscillator for respiratory support, we can see his chest rising and falling as he is starting to use his lungs on his own volition above and beyond the support of the machine.

As Atticus hopefully continues to improve, we will cut back on the updates as is appropriate. We hope to again get to a point where we’re comfortable doing a daily update and maybe missing a day here and there. For the past few days, though, writing more has helped us to cope with and process the events as they have unfolded, as well as kept our network in the loop in what has been a rapidly changing environment. Thank you for taking this journey with us and swaddling us with your prayers, thoughts, and love.

Shana & Jared


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