2.10.11 AM

I cannot believe the difference between Tuesday night when we thought Atticus may not make it through the night and where he is at today. There is so much to tell I’m not sure where to start. A miracle, karma, positive energy, wonder of medical science….I don’t care what you want to call it or categorize it as, Tuesday night our son was on his death bed and today his lab numbers came back so good that the nurse practitioner who has been with him the past few days and is scheduled to have the day off tomorrow wants to rearrange her schedule so she can come in to continue to work with him. It is an indescribable feeling to see the medical staff who are normally pretty stoic break out into an ear to ear smile because of your child’s recent performance, when two days ago you had to give orders to the doctor as to how and if you wanted your child to be revived.

The most pressing issue in recent days, his kidney function, has continued to improve to the point that they are now adjusting their approach to prevent his kidneys from overreacting. A friend of ours who has experience with having a child in the hospital recently made the distinction between “good” pee and “bad” pee. Good pee is when the kidneys function as they are supposed to, filtering out the bad and retaining the good. Bad pee is like the kidneys having a fire drill and directing everything to calmly proceed to the nearest exit. The good and bad stuff gets passed out without any distinction being made. We’re currently on the bad pee side of things, but that’s ok. That can be addressed and is workable. Kidney failure is not. Also, when his kidneys really started to kick back into gear, there was some blood in his urine. This was probably just the kidneys flushing out everything that had been backed up the past couple of days, as his new urine coming out seems to be much more clear and without visible signs of blood. Of course, they are running tests to confirm.

His potassium level was another great point of concern. It had been at 8.8 yesterday, which is at a level to do heart damage and, if increased, could result in cardiac arrest. That level is now down to 4.5 today, nearly half the amount in his system! His latest x-ray showed an increased level of gas in his intestines, which is a good thing and a sign of increased intestinal activity, and his right lung, which had partially collapsed due to all of his fluid retention, seemed to be a bit more inflated. This would partially explain why they have been able to reduce his oxygen concentration level required to keep him oxygenated enough from 100% down to 35%!

We are by no means out of the woods, and this is certainly not the end to our fears and rough days, but even being in the position to have continued fears and hopefully a long road ahead of us is at this point such a privilege considering where we were at on Tuesday night.

Our continued thanks and gratitude,

Shana and Jared


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