2.9.11 PM

Atticus made it through the evening and showed some positive trending towards improvement today. The main thing we are so happy to see is that he is beginning to produce urine, which means his kidneys are trying to fall back in line. The first significant amount of urine started between 6-10am, and they have checked it in two hour installments throughout the latter part of the day. At his last check he had output 10ml in that two hour section alone! This is HUGE, as yesterday I would be surprised if he had put out 1-2ml all day long. Again, this is a cause for hope.

Our doctor tonight told us he thinks Atticus will make it through this episode, but the concern with the events that have unfolded in his tummy is his long-term viability. Even with his (hopefully continued) improving kidney functioning, whatever caused this is still happening inside his intestines, and it is yet to be seen what the damage will be. Currently his entire belly region is so inflamed with the infection that the area of his body is entirely a whiteout on the x-rays. With x-rays, white=bad and black=good (as it provides for visibility). Once the inflammation recedes and we’re able to get a good look at his intestines, the question will be how much of his intestines survived the attack. As you can imagine, if nearly all of his intestines died during the infection, long-term viability is not good. On the other hand, if most or all of his intestines are intact, life is good (relatively speaking). Of course, there are varying degrees between those two extremes which potentially involve intestinal surgery and the necessity of feeding tubes for digestion, but that bridge will be crossed when come to.

Last night was easily one of the most difficult nights of our lives, and we thank you for your kindness and support. Being armed with the knowledge that so many people are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers makes it that much easier to bear the weight and gravity of the circumstances.

We want to put a thank you out there to not only Atticus’ primary nurses (Lori, Cindy and Karen- these three especially make our days/nights better), but the transport medic who has been at his bedside the last 2 nights, the doctor and nurse practioner who both teared up when talking about the progress he’s made today (oh you lovely medical staff, so practiced in your art, it was grace to let us see that your job isn’t just a job. Evidence that these tiny babies and we parents are still people in your eyes.) The interim babysitting nurses, the nurses who’ve worked with him just one shift, the nurses who look like they’ve barely graduated from nursing school and by the time their shift is done, have earned our trust and cared for our son beautifully. We’re just so grateful to the Blank medical army taking care of Atticus, taking care of us.

Last, a thank you to the preemie parents who have reached out to us. We haven’t been in a place that we can sit and respond, but we’ve gotten your messages, cried at the hope you’ve offered. We’re so grateful for your experience and will respond when things calm down.

xoxoxo to you all,
Shana and Jared


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