2.8.11 PM Update

It is with tired eyes, wet cheeks, and breaking hearts that we write our latest update. Atticus’ condition has deteriorated to the point that saying he is in critical condition is an understatement. His kidneys have almost ceased to function entirely, and whatever infection is happening in his belly has continued to do it’s damage. With kidney function slowing nearly to a halt, his potassium level has increased dramatically, and the doctors tell us that high enough concentrations of potassium arrest the heartbeat, preventing it from performing its function.

He has now been given 3 rounds of insulin and sodium bicarbonate, along with other medications to help control his potassium. Additionally, his blood has again been transfused in an attempt to contain the potassium and prevent it from leaching through his vessels into his body tissue. The evening doctor has said there is a chance he could still pull through, but at this point it is a very real possibility that we will lose our son. Because of this, the doctor had a conversation with us about resuscitation orders in the event that his vitals do drop. This is not a conversation we wish upon anyone regarding their child.

Shana’s mom has been with us throughout the night, and in light of the circumstances and as she is a minister, we had a loving baptism for Atticus, and were graced when he momentarily opened his eyes. This is truly a treasure as we don’t know if we’ll have the fortune of witnessing this again.

We are hoping and praying that our son makes a turnaround and that we will eventually have the honor of taking him to the love-filled home we have been preparing for him. In the meantime, your continued love and support is so greatly appreciated. Words cannot describe how touched we feel when we see everyone who has been pulling for our son.

With great love and humility,

Shana & Jared


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