2.8.11 AM

Atticus has stabilized a bit over the last six hours. This is not to say that what started yesterday morning and continued on throughout the day has passed, but rather that the Blank doctors and nurses anticipated every likely scenario of what was happening with him and started to adjust his treatments, medications, and support accordingly in advance of actually finding out the specific cause. As such, while all of the problems that surfaced yesterday still exist, they have been more contained for the moment due to the proactive actions taken by the staff. We sincerely thank them for this.

Atticus’ intestines don’t seem to be perforated at this point, which is a very good thing. This avoids emergency surgery on a 27 week old baby’s tummy. In order to make him more mobile in the event that surgery is required at a moment’s notice, he was moved from his isolette, which is an enclosed capsule, into an open-air bed with a heat lamp overhead. This allows not only for better mobility, but better access to his little body as well. In addition to moving to the new bed/carrier/workstation, he also received an x-ray (a twice a day occurrence) at around 5am this morning.

The combination of the previous days events in addition to being lifted and moved, the x-ray (he despises these and lets the staff know it every time) and a highly increased level of fluid intake, his lungs could no longer function as they needed to on a regular respirator. Shortly after the x-ray, the staff switched him over to an oscillator for his respiration. Imagine a machine with the sound of a gas-powered generator, and from it comes a tube that goes down Atticus’ throat. Whereas the respirator gives separate and concise breaths with time in between, the oscillator gives short, constant, and continuous breaths. Atticus’ entire body vibrates on this new machine.

The previously mentioned increased fluid intake is an attempt to make sure his kidneys continue to function at an acceptable level. So far, they seem to be doing so. Judging by the doctors’ tone of voice though, we are by no means out of the woods in this regard either.

Shana and I will be staying at the hospital for the duration of whatever will come to pass. We so very sincerely appreciate your regards and support.



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