Mid-day Update 2/7/11

We awoke this morning to a voicemail from one of the doctors letting us know that Atticus had a rough evening. He had residual food coming back out of his stomach and intestines, and it was colored green. Additionally, his C02 levels skyrocketed and he became very dependent on the respirator again. These are all signs of an infection, and the doctors believe this may be the case with Atticus. We won’t officially know until 24-48 hours from the time the blood work was taken.

In the meantime, we’ve just arrived at the hospital and spoken with the doctor. He informed us that his C02 levels have come back down to around where they were before this episode, and he is starting to ween Atticus back down on the respirator support. He is pretty still, not in a bad way, but in a way that says “I’ve had another night of busy activity and I’m tired.” The tired part is fine with us, as that means hopefully he’ll rest and recover.

Just a quick update, we’ll bookend today’s events later this evening.


We haven’t said this nearly enough, but thank you to all of you. The past 22 days with Atticus in the hospital have been made infinitely easier with your notes, calls and text messages. We know this time will pass and with that, we honor each moment as it passes. That said, the support has been tremendous and has made it easier to take each day as it comes when we know there are so many people praying, thinking good thoughts, and encouraging our son along.



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