Quick pre-Super Bowl Update

Atticus has seemed to have hit a plateau with his respiratory progress with this round of steroids. He’s still doing well, but has just leveled out on his downward trending. His respiratory rate is between 37-40bpm and his oxygen concentration has varied between 30-40%. Depending on which doctor/nurse you talk to, he has had varying degrees of success responding and/or has not responded nearly as well to the steroids as what they had hoped for. In any case, we had been told well in advance that they would probably be strongly considering doing two rounds of steroids simply due to the stubborn nature of his respiratory problems.

Aside from that, he has pretty much been the same the past few days. Initial significant (at least from his mother’s and my perspective) progress followed by two days of leveling out. He has hit the benchmark of passing 2 lbs and is over 13 inches long now.

On a side note, Atticus mentioned that he was going to be cheering for the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl tonight. He said it is partly to pay homage to some of his Wisconsin family ties, and partly because he just doesn’t want to see the Steelers and “Big Ben” (Atticus actually referred to him as “Lenny”, not sure where he picked that up from) win another championship. However, he did slip me a $20 and told me while his heart was with the Packers, he wanted his money to be on the Steelers.

That kid…already hedging his bets.



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