slow & steady post steroids

We spent quite a bit of time with Atticus yesterday. He’d had 2 rounds of steroids by the time I got there (dosed every 12 hours) and his CO2 levels (previously in the 70’s) were more in the 50’s. At his 4pm CARES, a new nurse to us, Jane, encouraged me to change his diaper and showed me a new way to calm him by very lightly rubbing my hand in a circle on his soft spot. Atticus was very awake during this and she let us have a good amount of bonding time with our son. During his awake time, he initiated a good amount of breaths. We had to double check that this was a good thing, rather than him fighting his ventilator. They ensured us that this was a good sign and that they would be turning down the rate of the ventilator as his lungs could handle it.

I was wrong yesterday, they up his food amount by .2mL every 12 hours, not 24 hours. Lately, they have been feeding him breast milk for 3 hours through his tube, then he gets a break for an hour, then his nurse checks the tube for residual food that he hasn’t digested. Last night, he hadn’t digested a good portion of his food, but it remained the right color (green means food is backing up from his intestines), so Dr. Azuero elected to put it back in his belly and give him another hour digesting it. I just checked in with the day shift nurse and they are holding him at .2mL until he works through this hiccup.



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