NICU’s Gotta New Juice Head (Don’t be Jealous, Jersey Shore)

Atticus started on his steroids today. The purpose of a short term steroid treatment is to reduce his lung inflammation permanently and to increase his chances of getting off the ventilator. They might need to do two rounds of it, and told us that we should plan on them having to do that. To decrease the risk, Blank uses about half the recommended dose and they will be monitoring him closely to ensure his body is handling it well.

They are increasing his feedings again today. He’s up to 1.8mL over 3 hours. They plan to increase his feedings .2mL around every 24 hours (I think that is the time frame).

The medical staff tried to take him off the Xopenex yesterday. Atticus let them know pretty quickly that he disagreed with their assessment and they will continue the dose every 12 hours.

Now we just wait and see how he does…



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