If it’s good enough for Schwarzenneger and Lance Armstrong (allegedly)

Atticus has seemed to have hit a bit of a plateau with his respiration improvement, although it should be noted that his respirator was able to be turned down to 50bpm (breaths per minute) today, so there has still been some good downward movement. The doctors now would like to start a 5-7 day steroid treatment, intended to help permanently reduce Atticus’ lung inflammation and hopefully significantly lessen his dependence on the respirator. As with most medications/treatments, there are risks associated with the administering of steroids. However, Atticus has reached a point in age and development that those risks are diminished, and since he is digesting his mom’s milk quite well now, the doctors will be able to increase his feeding to help offset some of the risks associated with steroids.

We really are amazed at how well the little rapscallion has done thus far, and feel truly blessed to be at a point where our main concern can be focusing on improving his breathing. The doctors of course continue to be cautious in their descriptions of how he is doing, but it’s difficult to see his improvement lately and not have a sense of optimism. Of course one needs always be a healthy skeptic, but there are many reasons to have hope currently.

Shana is sorting all of the clothes that we’ve purchased for him and that have been received as gifts in order to wash them, and I must say it is a bit surreal to look at our little fella all I.V.-lined and breathing-tubed up and picture him being home and big enough to fit into these clothes. Thanks to a tiny bit of early planning on part of his parents and a whole lotta love and generosity from family and friends, this kid is gonna have one heck of nursery and wardrobe to come home to (we’re not talking the ritz here, but his crib is nicer than the bed I brought into our home).


But not as nice as the bed I brought into our home. Thank goodness we sleep on that one. Guests are relegated to Jared’s old bed.



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