WonderBoy Turns 2 Weeks and Celebrates by…

having a pretty good day!

He had a blood pressure episode this morning where it dipped pretty low. They futzed around with the machine dials and were able to get him to respond positively.

We spoke to his day doctor and he let us know that Atticus’ had been able to come down in Oxygen after a few days on the Nitric Oxide treatment, which surprised even him that he’d been able to get Atticus down to 45 and the boy had been tolerating it well.

They’ve increased breast milk feeding to 1mL over 3 hours and when they x-rayed his intestines, they liked the pattern that they were seeing much better than his mid-week x-ray.

We warned that it’s getting to be time where infections become more likely with all of the lines running into Atticus. They do everything they can to keep the lines sanitary, but the longer they are in, the more likely he is to contract an infection. We’ll just have to see how he deals with it when the time comes…

So, to celebrate his 2 week birthday, we posted a new photo. His coloring looks much better! And his eyes were cracked open just a bit that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo!



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