Setbacks that BoyWonder Powers Through

Yesterday was exhausting…

In the morning, Atticus had been doing so well, that they reduced his air pressure. As the morning went on though, his Xopenex wore off and as it wore off, his lungs got tighter and his requirement for pressure rose. So we ran into some difficulties until that was sorted out.

Our little fellow recovered well from that and had an excellent afternoon.

Then, we were talking to our nurse, Leanne, chitty chatty sorts of talk. She was about to get off her shift and had a 3 day wknd to look forward to… her favorite 24 weeker had had a lovely day… she went to move his position and the mood of the room changed in a heartbeat.

We heard her voice change as she discovered she had an air leak. She pressed the call button and realized that his respirator tube had become dislodged. In less than 10 seconds, our room had 6 or 7 extra people in it: nurses, nurse practitioners, Dr. Yuille and I think a respirator specialist were all helping our Atticus breathe and get him re-intubed.

Jared commented that he held his breath for 7 minutes as it was all going on. I sat straight up & down because I needed to see Atticus’ movement throughout the ordeal. Nurse Leanne said his eyes were wide open the whole procedure, looking all over the place. I can only imagine he developed an inner storyline in which he was Chicken Little and the sky really WAS falling down and the Giants were invading and the Alien forces were attacking via poisonous gas. Thank goodness there were no zombies…

We were at the hospital until 11pm last night, waiting and watching for his levels to normalize. By the time we left, his CO2 was edging 59-60 (better than in the 70’s like when everything was happening). He had filled his diaper pretty well (thus necessitating a joke about having the crap scared out of him). He was Oxgenating at the right level, but remained pretty fidgety after the fact. They had given him medication to calm him down during the morning episode and wanted to see if laying him on his tummy could offer him some self-calming so they weren’t just medicating him at the drop of a hat.

I looked in on him, just to see at him before we left. I hadn’t touched him at all the 8 hours I sat with him because he’d had such a stressful morning… I pulled the blanket up and he squinted one eye open and then the other… we said our goodnights and let him rest.

We called the nurse this morning and she said his CO2 had been in the 60’s, but that besides that he had had a quiet evening and was having a good morning…

We picked up his crib with Grandma Carter & Grandpa Free after breakfast and ran into all kinds of silly trouble, so we should be getting back to the hospital pretty soon now.

He is such an easy fellow to miss…



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