We Love Poop!

An update that spans two days…

First, last night, we were at the hospital until about 11:30pm, got home, Jared made his lunch/got coffee ready. I folded clothes (and of course, pumped some more!)… neither of us had energy to post last night, due in part that he really had a very good day.

So yesterday: He pooped! Unaided! His nurse said she was cleaning him up and it kept coming and coming. It is still the initial stool, meconium, that he is working out of his system, but this is really a big step in the right direction to get him on breast milk again. (They took him off because it wasn’t moving through his bowels and he had some residual in his belly that he hadn’t been digesting.)

In the evening, his Xopenex has really been helping his breathing. His numbers leveled out quite a bit after his dose, but before he got tucked in for the night, his little body was jumpy and quivering like a Mexican jumping bean. They gave him a bit of a sedative to help him calm down and get some good rest during the night. By the time we left, his body had really settled down.

Both days, his blood gasses have been really good, he’s been a lot more Oxygenated, CO2 went from being in the 70’s to down in the 50’s, and he has been gaining weight. Today he went up an ounce, but that is mostly because he received a transfusion this morning.

Dr. Stenzel recommended we add a treatment of Nitric Oxide to his breathing regimen. His Oxygen concentration has been around 50 (breathing air is 21) and the longer his Oxygen is that high he is at a high risk for developing chronic lung disease. This treatment, when started 7-14 days after birth has been found to decrease the likelihood of chronic lung disease. The treatment will be for about a month and we will not see results until the 3rd or 4th weeks. There are almost no side effects to this regimen, but major upsides, we were told. We saw no reason not to trust the medical staff. Dr. Stenzel also provided us a copy of the study so we could learn more about it.

All in all, Atticus had a really good day today. We hung out together for a good portion of the day and Jared joined us after work. He pooped again and the evening shift doctor said that we might be able to get him back on breast milk as early as tomorrow. We’ll cross our fingers.

Jared and I never had any idea that we could be so excited about poop!



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