What do pigs, cotton candy, and bubble gum have in common?

Atticus decided to give his parents a bit of a breather today by giving us a solid performance throughout the day. By continuing with the new medicine for his lungs paired with the one they’ve been giving him pretty much since the start, his Co2 levels came down drastically, while is oxygen levels went up.

To put this in more visceral terms, the past few days have seen him with an overall bluish/purple hue to his skin. Not quite like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka, but you get the idea. Today, he was pink as a pig. His mother and I could tell immediately on arriving today that he looked exponentially better. Additionally, he put up a fight tonight and cried (though no sound comes out due to the breathing tube) when we were changing his tiny diaper and moisturizing his skin. “But Jared, aren’t you sad when your child is crying and putting up a stink?” you might say. Good question, and here is how it was put to us.

Baby is sleeping peacefully when giants walk over and start poking, prodding, undressing, and generally disturbing baby. Now, if I were baby, I’d be fighting mad. Fighting mad is good, fighting mad means there is fight in said baby, and fight means energy to spare. Now take yesterday, same giants, same general distressing of baby, little response=not much fight=no spare energy=baby that is not in good shape. Again, imagine getting so little oxygen circulated in your body that it leaves you bluish, and imagine how little energy you’d have. That was Atticus for the day and a half before today. Lastly, because he was feeling so much better, his vitals didn’t drop hardly at all when changing his diaper etc., which means he was tolerating being bothered much better.

So you’re riding a roller coaster, right? The start is a slow, steady incline. It’s nice, nothing fancy, but each second you’re higher than you were the next. “I like this,” you think, “this is calm.” Suddenly, your stomach is fighting for space with your brain as you plummet down the first of the many hills you’re sure will follow. Today for us was coming out of the trough of that first hill, and we’ll enjoy the ride up to the top of the next one for as long as we can.



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