Busy Day for Atticus Bryce

Atticus had a pretty good day today, although it was a very busy one.

They stopped the antibiotics… Now we wait and see if his kidneys kick up in production a bit more. He has been urinating pretty well, but our little fella needs to lose some more weight still (mostly water).

His PICC line was changed for the third time. This provides a way for Atticus to get the nutrition that he needs. They also use this line as a way to get blood samples without sticking him more times. It is back in his right arm and they were able to get it central this time. The line weaves through his veins from bigger to smaller until it gets to the superior vena cava (vein that leads into the heart).

His feeding tube was pushed in a little deeper. His breathing tube was pulled out a tad. So yea, our kid had an afternoon of poking and prodding. He was pretty tolerant of all the action though. They turned up his Oxygen to help him a bit, but by the time we left tonight, it was turned back downa bunch.

At his 8pm CARES, he had his eyes open quite a bit and it is just so nice to see. His goofy eyes won’t be able to focus on anything for several more weeks, but as his mom, it is just lovely to look into his eyes.

Atticus also met his Aunt Heather for the first time. Grandma Carter and she came to visit, but after such a big day, we didn’t bother him too much.

With everyone’s amazing support, I’d also like send some prayers and good vibes to our friends. The Mom in their family was so helpful to me all through my pregnancy, quelling my fears. She’s also the smart one who got me to call the Midwives the day I went into early labor. We shared a few months of being pregnant together and it was so fun to watch our bellies grow in tandem. She gave birth to her son the day before Atticus was born. A lovely full term baby boy, the second in their family. Today, her son was air lifted to Iowa City as he has an infection in his liver. Please add them to your prayers.

Thank you all so much for the calls, texts and emails. You’ve been amazing.



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