Great friends, Tasty Cupcakes, Good Day

Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for Karen and Arin, who are dear friends of ours and happen to own our favorite paper, craft, and art store called “ephemera” in Des Moines’ East Village. These fantastic women held a cupcake day on our behalf today, with the proceeds going towards Atticus’ care. It was successful beyond our wildest imagination, and it is a most humbling gesture to see so many people come together on behalf of our child, whom they’ve never met, due to the grassroots organizing and focus of these lovely ladies. Let me just say, if I ever run for political office they will have a job offer to run my fundraising (and marketing material, they are graphic designers who own a paper store, after all).

If you’ve not had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of these gold-souled human beings, I would strongly suggest giving them a look at, or visiting their store the next time you’re in Des Moines’ East Village.

Atticus’ rough day yesterday continued into the first half of today, but the doctors made some adjustments in the middle of the day and he responded well to them. While being updated on the day by our doctor, after explaining the downfalls of the first part of the day and the adjustments, he ended by saying “I still consider this a good day.” If he says its a good day, I say its a good day.

He is beginning to take small amounts of breast milk, and that makes his momma feel very good. She is a magnificent specimen of a woman and has performed swimmingly with milk production. As we are very limited with how we can help him as parents currently, this is a big step for helping her/us feel like we can contribute.

Again, thanks to all of you for your support, kindness, patience, and caring during what has turned out to be this joyous/troubled time.



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