A Busy Day At The Hospital… oh, and we got married

Atticus had quite a bit of action today. His PICC line came out of his arm last night and they had to work a new one in. This time they chose his left leg. They were not able to get it in as deeply as they would have liked, but it is in enough to please them for now.

He also had two x-rays (he didn’t care for this much) and had his IV removed (yay!).

During the evening CARES, Shana got to apply Aquaphor to his shoulder and chest and change his diaper. She was totally excited to do her first “hands on” mama care.

Atticus also met his Grandpa Anderson, Great Grandma Palewicz and Great Aunt Rosenthal (maternal side). They drove through terrible winter weather from Orlando, FL for an early chance to meet the little fellow. Atticus is the first grandson/great grandson on that side, so it was a very cool introduction. They shut off his jaundice lamp for a few minutes and took off his eye bandages and we cooed him into opening his eyes for a little bit.

All in all, it was a very busy day for the little guy, and busy days mean rough days. Consequently, he’s had to rely a bit more on his oxygen today than he had been.

This is part of what we’ve been expecting, though, and certainly something we’ve been told will be a part of this journey. Good days, bad days, days that will bring joy and days that will bring tears. For the most part, however, he has been a steady eddy for this first week in the world thus far.

And along the lines of good and bad, better or worse, we decided last Monday night to move our nuptials up considering the recent events. We had a small ceremony with limited family at the Iowa Judicial Building across from the state capitol, and were very graciously married by Iowa State Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins. He had heard the story of our past week and a half from a mutual friend and agreed to do us a favor by extending his services. We were his sixth civil service he’d ever done, so we were certainly honored that he took the time to let us be in such privileged company.

-Mr and Mrs Burns


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