Diapers and Moisture and Milk, Oh my!

Atticus was still stable this evening, and even though his oxygen level had been turned up throughout the day, the nurse was preparing to turn it back down a bit as I was saying goodnight to him. The medical staff considers oxygen a drug and, like any other drug, they try to give him only the minimum amount he requires to keep stable. The more often Atticus is able to withstand breathing air that is closer to the oxygen level we breath, the better he will develop, especially his lungs and eyes.

I hadn’t previously encountered the nurse caring for Atticus tonight, and she had a much more pro-active attitude with regard to parents helping with cares (changing diapers, moisturizing skin, repositioning, etc.) than we have experienced. As such, tonight was the first time I was able to help do the little things that would automatically be the parents’ responsibility with a full-term baby. I have to say, being a first-time father with limited diaper experience is a trip in and of itself, let alone doing it with miniature versions of everything, as well as tubes and lines coming out of the little guy. Makes.me.nervous.

The nurse said that Shana has been a “rockstar” thus far with her milk production, and as the only ways we can help our little guy right now is through voice, touch, and milk, that compliment found an especially warm place in his momma’s heart.

All in all, a quiet night in Atticus’ room is expected, and quiet nights are good nights. The best night will be the night we no longer have to update this page.

To reiterate Shana’s previous acknowledgment, a big “thank you” to Tina Green. The past two days have been made exponentially easier because of her presence and her selfless attention and care. Thank you Tina.

And thank you all for your support. Your outreach has made us smile, laugh, and cry, and each one has its place.


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