Today, we learned that Atticus’ kidneys aren’t functioning as well. The doctors believe this has been caused by the 3 kinds of antibiotics he has been on since birth. He gained 1 ounce over the course a day which seems to be retained water weight and not a good thing. They would like him to do a regimen of antibiotics for 7 days total and are hoping his kidneys will perform better when he gets off the meds.

Nurse Cindy asked if we had been touching Atticus at around 12:30pm. She showed us his blood pressure measurements (taken every 15 minutes) and he’d been running low all morning. At 12:30, his blood pressure all of a sudden was up in the normal range. Jared realized he’d been talking to our little fellow at that time and the nurse said she just knew it. Atticus recognizes us and had a positive surge when Daddy spoke to him. An amazing feeling as a new parent…

Then, I was hand swaddling Atticus and talking to him, getting an update on his day and he opened his eyes for the first time. I squawked/hissed to Jared to get over to the isolette (aka his plastic condo) to come see our son’s eyes. At both visits today, Atticus opened his eyes for a brief time and it was just a lovely sight. He can only see light/dark and fuzzy objects at this point, but who the heck cares? It was the best high seeing those baby eyes.

Tonight, they turned him over to sleep awhile on his belly. He was doing so well, that they turned his respirator down and he was breathing the same levels of Oxygen as room air. They will vary these levels many times, but the more he can have bouts of breathing in this kind of air, his lungs will grow a little stronger.

We’re so proud of the work he is doing. We’ve been warned that these little micro minnies come out sluggin’ from the adrenalin rush of being born and then they falter after a few days. After that, it is 1 step forward, 2 steps back for months… So each time we walk into his room, we expect to hear he isn’t doing as well, but we’ll take all the good days we can get. Trying to stay positive and real at the same time.

Jared read Atticus his first story yesterday (Dr. Seuss, of course). One of the sweetest moments of all of this.


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