Atticus had an ultrasound through the soft spot on his head to check for bleeding from the capillaries in his brain. Fortunately, it came back negative and we were able to breathe a bit easier.

The medical staff also decided to move him from a more-mobile humidity tent they had around him into a more enclosed contraption called an “isolette”. This allows him to be in a completely isolated environment that is heat and humidity controlled, and also allows for more of a sound barrier to help him rest.

The last noteworthy item is that the doctors checked a heart valve they refer to as the “PDA”, which should be closed but is often found to be open in preemies of Atticus’ age. We were ecstatic to learn that his is closed, but warned to be only cautiously optimistic as it could reopen in the future. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Currently we’re able to help our son in three ways: through the breast milk he will hopefully soon be able to start consuming small quantities of, by talking to him as he recognizes our voices as his parents’, and through limited touching of him. Currently we can lay a hand on him in a swaddling fashion, but at this point any stroking or movement with our touching him would overstimulate him.


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