SR Cuts Her Finger (off) & JB Gets A Scarf

So my mom, being a verysweetandkind Mom, gave me one of my Christmas presents early.machine of death

A food slicer (or mandolin or v-slicer). Like this:

And then, in my zeal to make my very own healthy sweet potato chips, I cut part of my ring finger off.

I didn’t use the guard.

And then, I looked away while cutting.

El stupido, eh?

I just thought I had cut it a bit and ran it under water. Jared informed me in his stern Dad voice that I was going about it in the wrong way.  He made a toilet paper tourniquet (my life wasn’t in danger, I’m just dramatic) and wrapped me all up. I held my hand above my heart and then we waited for a ridiculously long time. The bleeding never stopped, so I declared the cut the winner and we traipsed off to the hospital.

THEN we learned that I had cut off a 1/4 from the top of my finger. There was nothing to attach so they numbed me up and cauterised the cut. I have to wear a big ole bandage on my finger for 6-8 weeks. Awesome.

P.S. They gave me no pain reliever because I’m pregnant. Clearly, hospitals are operating under an opressive regime.

Even with all the excitement, I still banged out a scarfy scarf for JB.

(My second, if you are counting.)

My favorite photo from this holiday season! We rock Christmas.


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