Things to start doing… Right. Now.

My friend, Colin, is an amazing human being.  His latest exploration in creating a more harmonious environment is to increase happiness within ourselves by writing a daily gratitude list. This simple act has several side-effects by my favorite one is:  downgrading our addiction to mass consumption.  The propensity to purchase might not be erradicated by doing this, but what it can do is put space between you and the compulsion to buy.  It is that space that we are granted, that we can allow ourselves to make a different choice for ourselves. 

I’m totally guilty of this.  I adore buying stuff.  I love brand names and well-tailored garments in the latest patterns.  I love expensive grocery stores and red meat.  I love the rush of walking around with arms loaded down with bags of trinkets purchased.

Then, I get depressed.  I have been struggling to learn about living on a budget.  I am remorseful after buying the beautiful junk because it is usually stuff I don’t need, but am totally convinced that life will get better the moment I buy whatever it is.

Which is funny because my life is really very, very good.  How am I consistently lulled into the thought that it isn’t good enough?

Gratitiude list for the day:

a. ability / willingness to learn

b. my friends / family / cats

c. my relationship with jared

d. my home

e. the sunshine on this beautiful iowa day

Read more about Colin’s project at:


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